You must make sure that all the work you submit for assessment is your own and that it is properly referenced. Except for short, fully referenced material, you must under no circumstances reproduce passages, diagrams, drawings, tables or photos borrowed wholesale from books, articles, the internet, or other sources written by a person or persons other than yourself.


Similarly, you must not summarise an author's ideas or arguments without providing a full reference. If you do so you are wrongly indicating that you have thought of the points yourself.


For further information please refer to our plagiarism tutorial.


Detecting Plagiarism

As part of its ongoing efforts to more successfully detect plagiarism, the University has signed up to use the TurnItInUK Plagiarism Detection Service, a piece of software which searches the world wide web and extensive databases of reference material and content submitted by other students to identify any duplication with your work. The software makes no decisions as to whether a piece of work has been plagiarised, it simply highlights sections of text that have been found in other sources. More information about how this service works can be found at

The University reserves the right to submit any of your assignments to the service, regardless of whether plagiarism is suspected. The University if it decides to do so will submit your assignments, along with your name, and/or email address, course details and institution at its own discretion. Once this information has been uploaded it will be stored electronically in a database and compared against other work submitted. As such, information may be shared with countries outside of the European Union.

In the event of the service detecting a high degree of similarity between your assignment text and content within the service, this will be reported back to the Chair of the relevant Examining Board, who will decide whether there is a case to consider under the UWIC’s Unfair Practice Procedure. Significant penalties can be imposed if plagiarism is confirmed.