The importance of psychosocial factors in health.










In conclusion, therefore:

  • Improvements in life expectancy in the twentieth century came about because of improvements in social surroundings rather than in improvements in medical technology.
  • The major killers today are cancer, heart disease and strokes. These all have major lifestyle and psychological components. 
  • Health psychology has a major role to play in all of these lifestyle areas. It should have a key role to play in improving the health of the nation. 
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You should now read one of the introductory chapters in any good general health psychology text book (as indicated in the reading list). Ogden (2004) is a good starting point. 


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Go and try this longevity web-site or the life-expectancy calculator which will tell you your life expectancy on the basis of your behaviours: try altering the lifestyle behaviours and you will see the effect it has on your life expectancy.


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