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Helen Ward, Account Director at Effective Communication
029 20 646865 / 07791 613079

Sarah Wise, Senior Account Manager at Effective Communication
029 20 646866 / 07974 578877

Rachel Gruber, Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator
029 20 416294 / 07917 242979


Academic Expert Specialism Areas of Expertise School
Annette Pritchard
Tourism Studies Tourism and socially excluded groups; gendered relations, tourism and sexuality, Destination development & marketing; tourism advertising, Tourism and the body (e.g. beach culture; body image, ‘the body project’, tourism & fashion). Cardiff School of Management
Dr Carly Stewart
Socio-cultural studies Narrative construction of body-self relationships and identities, Sporting Auto/biography,  Disruption of and Re/construction of bodies, selves and identities, for example through illness. Cardiff School of Sport
Carwyn Jones
Sports Ethics Ethical Issues in Sport: Racism, Sexism, Cheating, Violence, Nationalism, Moral Development, Fairness, Drug taking, Olympics, Paralympics. Cardiff School of Sport
Chris Jennings
Sports Development Sports management, Sports development, Local authority leisure and recreation. Cardiff School of Sport
Damian Jennings
  Performance Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Strategic Management, Change Management, Sports Marketing Management. Cardiff School of Sport
Darrell Cobner
Performance analysis Performance analysis Cardiff School of Sport
David Gilbourne
Qualitative Research in Sport Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise settings, Ethnography, Auto-ethnography, action research, reflective research and applied processes, Storytelling through different representational forms, Ethno-drama and other forms of ‘performative’ mediums. Cardiff School of Sport
David G Kerwin
Professor of Biomechanics Developing and applying measurement techniques in sport and exercise, including analyses of performances in competitive environments. Developing inverse and forward dynamics models of human movements including landing, jumping and running in athletics, swinging and balancing in gymnastics and kicking in soccer. Cardiff School of Sport
Dena Digweed
Health Related Exercise Health Related Exercise – particularly continuous and interval aerobic programmes and the use of Pilates as a method of Core Stability training. Cardiff School of Sport
Geraldine Hurl
Dance Dance Education, Community Dance, Dance Development, Dance for Young people, Continuing Professional Development Training for Dance Practitioners/Teachers (mostly contemporary based dance work). Cardiff School of Sport
Heidi Wilson
Dance Dance in Education, Community Dance. Cardiff School of Sport
Dr Ian Mitchell
Sport Psychology Sport psychology (of injured athletes), Coaching science. Cardiff School of Sport
Jake Bailey
Sports coaching Trampoline gymnastics, Coaching, Coach education. Cardiff School of Sport
Dr Joseph Esformes
Physiology Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning. Cardiff School of Sport
Julia Longville
  Coaching Science, Netball, Inspection of secondary schools in Wales. Cardiff School of Sport
Kerry Harris
  Sports coaching, Maximising coaches’ experiential knowledge through the use of Lave and Wengers (1991) ‘Communities of Practice’. Action Research. Cardiff School of Sport
Kevin Morgan
Motivational climate in PE & Sport Motivational climate in PE & Sport Cardiff School of Sport
Lisa Edwards
Gender studies in Sport Feminist Philosophy, Gender studies in Sport. Cardiff School of Sport
Marianne Gittoes
Sports Biomechanics Biomechanics and injury potential, Impact landings in sport, Computer modelling of impacts. Cardiff School of Sport
Mark Lowther
Sports Leadership Leadership Development Organisational Change Turnaround Management Cardiff School of Sport
Dr Michael G Hughes
Sport and Exercise Physiology Physiology and sports performance Physiology and sports training Testing fitness Exercise metabolism Cardiff School of Sport
Nic James
Performance Analysis Sports performance profiles Statistical methods for evaluating sporting performance Visual perception in sport Cardiff School of Sport
Nicola Bolton
  Sport development Sport management Public policy Welsh Assembly Government and DCMS Cardiff School of Sport
Non Eleri Thomas
Paediatric exercise science and health Paediatric exercise science and health Cardiff School of Sport
Paul M Smith
  Exercise physiology Disability cycling – handcycling Physiology of upper-body exercise Exercise efficiency and economy Cardiff School of Sport
Dr Peter Gerard O'Donoghue
  Work-rate in team games Agility requirements of sport Injury risk associated with sport Elite tennis strategy Performance prediction in sport Relative age effect in sport Coach Behaviour Cardiff School of Sport
Richard Tong
  High intensity intermittent exercise and rugby fitness Cardiff School of Sport
Robyn Jones
Sports coaching Sports coaching Cardiff School of Sport
Professor Scott Fleming
Sport and Leisure Studies ‘Race’, racism and ethnicity, research ethics, corporate governance. Cardiff School of Sport
Dr Stephen-Mark Cooper
Applied Biostatistics Statistical applications in a sport and exercise context Cardiff School of Sport
Professor Gaynor Kavanagh
  Museum Studies, Memory, Memory and Trauma, History Museums, Material Culture, Oral History, Museum Histories, Museum Ethics and Professional Practice, Reminiscence Work, Exhibitions. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Wendy Keay-Bright
Inclusive Design Sensory design, inclusive design, research into experiential, sensory and educational technologies, use of interactive technologies by young autistic children. Moving Image Design, Animation Cardiff School of Art & Design
Helen Long
Victorian and Edwardian housing and interiors Victorian and Edwardian housing and interiors Cardiff School of Art & Design
Gareth Loudon
Product Design User-centred design of information appliances Cardiff School of Art & Design
Dr Ashley Morgan
Media Studies with Visual Cultures The body (risk and the body, changing the body, shopping for the body) cosmetic surgery, consumerism Cardiff School of Art & Design
Olwen Moseley
  Design, graphics, creative industries, employability, professional practice, knowledge transfer. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Dr Natasha Mayo
Ceramics Studio and sculptural ceramic practice, Interaction between ceramics and drawing, theorizing creative practice and the development of ideas. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Patrick Hannay
Interior Architecture Architecture, Urban Design, Interiors, Architectural Journalism Cardiff School of Art & Design
Robert Pepperell
Fine Art Nature of perception, philosophy of mind and consciousness, interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists and neuroscientists on behavioural and cognitive responses to his paintings. Posthumanism, humans and technology. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Simon Pope
Fine Art Fine Art Visual Art Cardiff School of Art & Design
Carol Robertson
  Abstract Painting The use of oil or watercolour mediums. Printmaking Drawing Cardiff School of Art & Design
Chris Short
  Abstract art; German Expressionism; Kandinsky; Synthesis of the arts/inter-disciplinary art; St Ives Modern and Contemporary art. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Professor André Stitt
  Performance Art – Contemporary & historical Performance Art curatorship Archiving & documentation of performance art Production of Performance art events & Festivals Contemporary Visual Art Cardiff School of Art & Design
Glynn Stockton
Product Design Product Design Cardiff School of Art & Design
Stuart Neil
  New Media Web & Web 2.0 Interaction Design Mobile Phone Development Human Computer Interaction Cardiff School of Art & Design
Stephen Thompson
Creative Communications Design and technology philosophy, the social use and implications of technological systems, technology and human consciousness. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Tim Forrester
  Furniture Design Lighting Design Three Dimensional Design Cardiff School of Art & Design
Dr Cathy Treadaway
  Digital technology and creative practice;
Human Computer Interaction;
crafting and creative hand use;
2 and 3D digital print technology.w
Cardiff School of Art & Design
Ian Weir
  Digital design relating to print and screen outcomes with a focus on communication. Research interests focus on interactive screen based experiences exploring the nature of interactivity, narrative and the click to continue paradigm. Cardiff School of Art & Design
Dr Andy Watt
Forensic psychology Forensic psychology Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Darren Walker
Psychology Memory (particularly remembering to do things) Attention (Particularly multi-tasking and switching attention) Perception Cognitive functioning in older adults Psychology applied to the design of consumer products (e.g. usability issues, sustainable design, emotions in choosing certain products over others) Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Debbie Clayton
Food safety Food safety Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Denise Parish
  Paediatric dietetics, Renal dietetics Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Derek Smith
  Artificial intelligence, robotics, machine consciousness Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Ian Mathieson
Podiatry Specialist in lower limb biomechanics, sports injuries and foot and ankle disorders Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Jeff Lewis
  National qualifications in dental technology, orthodontics and educational technologies for blended learning. Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Jo Sellen
  Research in forensic psychology Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Katie Thirlaway
  Lifestyle behaviours – Risk and risk communication Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Louise Fielding
  Food safety and hygiene, HACCP and food safety management systems, BRC Global Food Standard, cleaning and decontamination, water dispense systems Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Mike Dunn
  Evolutionary Psychology Animal Behaviour Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Paul Sander
Psychology Most general psychology issues / topics Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Ray Newberry
  Baking and Confectionery technology Chocolate making Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Robert J Williams
  Removable partial denture frameworks, CAD/CAM rapid manufacture, electronic learning in dental technology. Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Ruth Fairchild
  Nutrition/diet/healthy school meals, sustainable living particularly sustainable diets, sensory analysis, food industry, food labelling, educating consumers Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Shirley Hinde
  Global nutrition: nutrition transitions, mineral deficiencies, maternal & child health, HIV/AIDS infant feeding Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Dr Tina Alwyn
Addictions Addictions Cardiff School of Health Sciences
Brian Morgan
Creative Leadership and Enterprise Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Money Banking and Finance, SMEs, Welsh Economy, Food sector Severn Barrage, General aspects of the economic situation within Britain. Cardiff School of Management
Dr Caroline Ritchie
  Moderate social and cultural interaction with alcohol, specifically wine, and it’s impact upon consumer behaviour. Intergenerational barriers within teaching and learning, specifically the language of wine courses Cardiff School of Management
Chris Russell
Information Systems Mobile technologies in the workplace Cardiff School of Management
Claire Evans
Chartered Accountant-auditing Chartered Accountant-auditing Cardiff School of Management
Professor David Brooksbank
  Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development Welsh Economy Labour Market issues Cardiff School of Management
David Lloyd
  Retail consultancy and mentoring through the WAG. Specialist areas of expertise in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Purchasing Cardiff School of Management
Deborah Lamont
  Business & Management Information Systems, Human-Computer Interface Design, Qualitative Research Methods, Dyslexia, Traveller Information Systems Cardiff School of Management
Jane Croad
  Marketing ethics in marketing; marketing in the construction Industry, Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Cardiff School of Management
Jason Williams
  Performance analysis in sport. Computers and sport. Rule changes in sport. Electronic feedback in education. Cardiff School of Management
Mike Flynn
Hospitality Management Hotel and Restaurant Management Wines and Spirits Human Resource Management Pub and club Management Cardiff School of Management
Nigel Jones
  General Analysis and Information subjects Medical Information Systems Cardiff School of Management
Nigel Morgan
Tourism Studies Destination development & marketing; tourism advertising. Tourism and gendered relations. Tourism and surveillance post 9/11 Seaside resort development (especially historically). Cardiff School of Management
Dr Sheena Carlisle
  Tourism in Developing Countries and Africa. Corporate Social Responsibility; International Tourism Development, Tourism Planning Sustainable Development Cardiff School of Management
Simon Thorne
  Neural networks Spreadsheets Cardiff School of Management
Tim Savage
  Entrepreneurship/ small business start-ups Supporting students setting up their own businesses Curriculum development in entrepreneurship/enterprise Sports/leisure management Cardiff School of Management
Amanda Renwick
Assessment Assessment Cardiff School of Education
Professor Gary Beauchamp
  Primary Education ICT in education – especially the interactive whiteboard Primary science education Music education – especially in Wales Cardiff School of Education
Georgina Morgan
  Secondary Education – Welsh as a First and Second Language Education studies Welsh language studies (Primary and Secondary) Curriculum Leadership (Primary and Secondary - Welsh) School-based placements Cardiff School of Education
Jan Huyton
  Personal tutoring in higher education, Retention of students, Pastoral care for students, Community work Cardiff School of Education
Janet Laugharne
  Language in education; bilingualism, with special reference to Welsh and English; and metalinguistic awareness. Cardiff School of Education
Jason Davies
  Design and Technology in Primary Secondary and Further Education Further Education External Examinations Multimedia / Print / Graphic Design Cardiff School of Education
Kin Yu
  Science, in particular Chemistry, in secondary school (11-18) Cardiff School of Education
Martin Cook
  Primary school pedagogy Implementing Assessment for Learning (AfL) principles into a Higher Education context Cardiff School of Education
Meryl Hopwood
  Community theatre Theatre-in-education Cardiff School of Education
Mitch Winfield
Drama education Drama pedagogy, Drama in education, Extra-curricular drama, Key skills and drama Cardiff School of Education
Nia Richards
  Primary Education Language Welsh Welsh Second Language Bilingualism Cardiff School of Education
Paul Herrington
  Initial Teacher Education and Training Partnership with schools Art & Design Education Cardiff School of Education
Sally Bethell
  Teaching and Learning in secondary Physical Education Cardiff School of Education
Sian Rhiannon Williams
  History of Welsh language and women’s history in Wales, especially women teachers Cardiff School of Education
Sioned Dafydd
Welsh Language Welsh Language Cardiff School of Education
Susan Davis
  Early Years – Foundation Phase Emotional Literacy / Personal Social Development Cardiff School of Education
Tim Palazon
  Widening participation strategies. Lifelong learning for social and economic regeneration. Barriers and incentives to participation by mature students. Social enterprise Cardiff School of Education
Dr Rona Lee
  Creative Professional Development for Artists Optics and Lens based Media Feminism, Gender and Subjectivity Non Gallery based Art Practices Site and Context Related Art practices Live and Performance Art Artistic methodologies and models of knowledge Cross Disciplinary Collaboration SciArt Cardiff School of Art & Design
Karen Robson
  Disability Issues (legal compliance, reasonable adjustments, inclusive Learning and Teaching, Disabled Students' Allowance, Carers, Disability Practitioners) Disability Issues relating to military veterans International Aid and Development/volunteering Disability Services
Cardiff School of Education