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Blackboard: Creating Short Answer Questions

Most of the questions that can be asked in Blackboard assessments, such as True/False and multiple choice questions, are automatically graded by the system. Other questions, such as the Essay, must be manually graded in the Gradebook. Blackboard also gives the option of asking short answer questions, which are similar to essay questions, but have a shorter answer box.

To add a short answer question, click on the Add Question menu and select Short Answer. Click on the Go button.

Next, enter the question text in the box. Then, enter the points possible for this question.



The number of rows is just a guideline. If students accidentally enter more than the set number, Blackboard will not stop them. After setting the rows, enter an answer in the Answer box. This will serve as a guideline when it comes time to grade the studentís question.

Click Submit. When students take the exam, they will see the question and a small text box where the answer will be entered.